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About Promountings - High Quality Punching Bag Brackets & Pull Up Bars

Sports mounting equipment is our specialty. We design manufacture and sell pull up bars and shock absorbing punching bag mounts for commercial gyms and in home use. Find mounting equipment for all types of heavy bags, speed bags, banana bags and MMA bags from Promountings.com. Our heavy bag mounts can be used for all different bag styles from lightweight punching bags up to 250lbs.Our high quality punching bag mounts and heavy bag hangers are built and assembled in the USA. They are easy to install and are the most durable mountings available today for the boxing, kickboxing, fitness and MMA markets.

Custom manufacturing services are also available for special sports gym requirements. If you have sports gym mounting equipment that requires custom design, we can help with fast affordable solutions to meet commercial gyms or in home needs. We custom design pull up bars, and punching bag hangers for all beams, rafters and more.

We pride ourselves in manufacturing only the very best made products that are "Made in the USA". If you are looking for quality, durable equipment at a reasonable price then choose Promountings for your heavy bag hanger needs. If you have an I-Beam mounting system, check out our I-Beam mounted Pull-Up bar system. Not only is it the only one available on the market but it is super sturdy and can hold up to 300lbs! Thanks again for choosing Promountings.com. We look forward to helping you with all your punching bag mounting and sports gym mounting needs! Feel free to contact us for any additional information or to talk to our design engineers about custom mountings at:1-800-603-6765

About our Products


I-Beam Mounts: Stationary Mounts for I-Beam widths 3.5”-10”


Rafter Mounts: Compression spring mounts for floor joists. Bag weights up to 200lbs


Roller Mounts: Movable mount that rolls across an I-Beam. Fits 3.5”=10”


Ceiling Mounts: Designed for finished or unfinished ceilings utilizing gas spring to dampen noise


Recessed Mounts: For low ceiling heights. Gain a few more inches of space from the bottom of the bag to the floor


Speed Bag Mounts: I-beam mount and adjustable with 10” of travel


Pull Up Bars: I-Beam Mounted, Ceiling mounted, and wall mounted


Track Systems: Prefabricated I-Beam for gyms who don’t have I-beams and want to be able to move their punching bags